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Undercover - Newsletter #March 2019

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Welcome back to each and every one!

This month we have our eyes firmly set on, WAIT FOR IT:  “TECHNOLOGY”.

We all know that scary, T-word that’s pushing us into the depths of depression and despair.  A dark cloud normally descends over me and my life and my surroundings, when the BLACK BOX of utter desperation, uselessness and self-confidence killer is opened!

Even the most educated amongst us will be found/rendered helpless when the most basic of technologies malfunctions occur.61327821 stock vector vector creative illustration of technology word lettering typography with line icons and tag cloud o

The natural instinct or reaction is to lock up and go home, postpone the pain or pray for divine intervention.

The anticipation when the shut-down to restart process initiated is overshadowed by the total and utter disappointment when the abovementioned process fails to render positive results.

Why? Who?, Where?, When?,

Youngsters, IT Specialists, Clever Technicians … where will we be without them?

A whole new generation – we welcome you; your natural aptitude is all of our biggest hearts desires. Grab the future with both hands,


Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

Christian Lous Lange

Save the World

And never desert us!!

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