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Undercover - Newsletter #June 2019

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Patience and Persistence.

Human traits that will make you a well-rounded, well liked, successful and happy human being.

In my opinion patience and persistence are the two most important traits one can have. Patience can offer you help in days times when your 8 year old thinks they know everything!

When you are in traffic and no one is obeying the rules and your blood pressure shoots up. Use your patience to bring yourself back down to earth and know, it’s just traffic and not worth your health. When you are in a long distance relationship and his homecoming seems a lifetime away.

Patience is not defined by how long you wait, but how you behave while you’re waiting.

Persistence is your best friend when you have goals to achieve. No matter how many times you get knocked down, the point is you are trying and you get back up again to try once more and you have not given up.

That is persistence.

Go for that promotion, even if it takes you 10 years and 10 different courses.

Patience will also help you here when a colleague gets their promotion before you. Remember, they may have been on their own journey longer than you and it is their time to shine.

Sometimes it takes decades to achieve a goal, but the day you make your last payment on your bond and can say

“This home is mine and I worked hard for it” Your persistence is what got you there.

As a very wise lady in my life tells us often, “As a manager, if you are not looking for change and improvement, what are you doing?” You are the manager of your own life, your own body, your own happiness.

For me this “mantra” applies to each and every one of us in own personal journeys too. Patience and persistence are key to achieving change and improvement.

Make conscious choices on a daily basis to be better, do more. Be persistent in your goals and have the patience to know that it will not happen overnight.

Here at Dorpshuis there has been a big shift in healthier living and boy-o-boy does that journey take massive amounts of patience and persistence. I woke up and gymed this morning, why don’t I have a six pack yet?

Be patient with yourself and try sometimes to look back to see how far you have come and not always how far you have still to go. Give yourself the recognition for surviving bad days, weeks, months, years.

Give yourself the pat on the back that you didn’t give up and are many steps closer to your goal than you were last year.

Have patience with yourself but combine it with persistence so that patience doesn’t become a cover up for taking too long to take the steps you need towards your goals.

It doesn’t get easier, you just get better





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