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Undercover - Newsletter #July 2019

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We are not family but yet we are

Welcome to each and every person here this week, joining as a guest, our very unique family, here at Ons Dorpshuis Guesthouse. I want to try and express what it is like to be part of something this exceptional.

First and foremost, don’t think you can walk in here and just mind your own business. Before you can say “I’m not into that”,

you are involved in it, part of it and you are loving it. Working at Ons Dorpshuis, you will always be part of something bigger than yourself.

Your happiness is everybody’s happiness. It doesn’t matter whether you finally went for your eye test and received your spectacles,

passed your driver’s license or if you managed to buy a house; we will have a celebration.

Your sadness is not yours alone. Do not think you can shed a tear around a corner where nobody will notice. Without fuss or fanfare somebody will appear and they will give you a shoulder to cry on.

You will always find a buddy here who will try to help you roll that rock out of your way, brainstorm a solution for your problems or to give you advice.

And guaranteed, if they cannot help they will find you somebody who can.

Finally, I can promise you that if you got out of bed on the wrong side, someone at Ons Dorpshuis, will turn your frown upside down.

So no, we are not related by blood, but we are connected by the ethereal thread of compassion and humanity.

This makes us a very special type of a family.

I love being part of this and I love each and every person who works with me because we are always ready to protect and support each other, no matter what.

Ons Dorpshuis Guesthouse brings all of us together and gives us this very special, safe place to belong. We cannot help but to carry this culture further; letting our guests experience this camaraderie…

yes, tonight, booked in here… this is



San Mare

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