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Undercover - Newsletter #October 2019

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Ons Dorpshuis celebrated on the 26th of September the birth of Ben Pieter – our owners, Alna and Kobus van der Walt’s first Grandchild.

Congratulations to the parents, Hanneke and Freddie de Beer – so many happy and wonder-filled times ahead for you both…a boy will always treat his mother as a Queen and his father as his number one Hero!


We the staff from Ons Dorpshuis wish Ben Pieter de Beer and the extended van der Walt family a blessed bright, joyful and a peaceful, healthy future.

In 2017, I also became a first time grandmother – little Emma is our family Sunshine. Every time I see Emma, her growth and developments excite me, from crawling to the walking, from mumbling to talking and discovering her little personality, brings so much joy in my life. With the growth of our children and grandchildren we also can grow into aging gracefully.

In a few days I will be celebrating my Birthday and I feel that the older I get the more comfortable I feel in my skin. Is aging really that bad? I think it’s a matter of your own life’s philosophy and not the mind manipulators in the marketing and advertising world.

If you follow the advertising and marketing gurus, aging should be avoided and has a negative connotation to life. Just have a short look at Cosmetics, you will see uncountable product labels like: Anti-Aging, Aging-Defence, Age-Protection, and Anti-Wrinkle – the list is endless!

Aging is much more than just wrinkles, grey hair or aching joints and bones – IT’S A BLESSING OF LIFE!

It is suggested to us that the young, the energetic and successful people are what the corporates are looking for, however the reality is different. Without the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the elders, the youngsters would stay in the dark and the economy and society would be put under pressure even more.

If you think about it, you reach a point in your existence that allows you to see the growth of your children and grandchildren, and with the passage of time, we often gain perspective and we realise life is too short to sweat the small stuff. The times that truly matter are the joyful moments we spend with those we love.

Let’s age gracefully by bringing more joy and happiness into your life, living fully and mindfully in the present. Love yourself endlessly and enjoy every moment of your existence and look forward to the future.

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Take care


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