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Undercover 3-4-2014

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A warm and friendly welcome to each and every new guest as well as our beloved return guests! This week we are facing the change of the seasons, and a huge change in our office. We had to say good bye to Melanie who is moving back to the fairest Cape with her family.

Many of us couldn't hold back the tears as the sudden realisation of loss hit us like a kick in the stomach. The fact that we will now never know to what depth our individual friendships could have developed also hit home hard! Some things do need time, but we need to invest it...

 This event prompt me to get in touch with the more philosophical side of me this week.

 The three characteristics of a real lifelong friendship is to have someone who will still like you even if you don't like yourself. Secondly, it is to have a companion to do or experience different things with, during your lifetime. Thirdly it is to have someone that you can and will support and who will support you during good or bad times.


My wish for one and all and especially for you Melanie, is that you will have or find that friend in your lifetime!


When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door we do not see the one that has been opened for us!

 Have a wonderful week.






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Out of 54 rooms on four different sites, no two are alike.

Sleep comfortably under a stylish handmade quilt. The colour, texture and composition of each quilt tell our detailed story.
Have the honour to share your memories with handmade metal sculptures by a local artist, Hannatjie Visser. They’re called memories in metal and comprises of recycled iron.


Sunrise to Sunset

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Guest Houses

If you want the personal touch but a unique and artistic setting, this is for you. None of our 20 four star graded rooms are the same. We offer different configurations of beds & room layout as well as 3 different levels of price to suit any budget.


Self Catering Apartments

If budget accommodation is what you are looking for, this is it. The self catering units are fully furnished 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms units with a total of 24 rooms. These are perfect for sports teams, groups, contract workers, single working people or families.

We are small enough to care, but big enough to give you choice, whether you are only 1 person or a big group we will try and make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

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