Summer is here!!

Welcome back everyone!

We are planning many functions during this month and we are receiving many guests into our facilities, who are visiting Rustenburg to attend ceremonies and functions.

It begs the question… 

Why are we putting in so much time and effort to arrange and attend these functions? 

Is it our underlying need for recognition? Is it our need to break away from the ordinary and celebrate something, even if it is for the sake of our colleagues and or friends?

In the end we all need some kind of identity, and for many our work will always be part of that identity. It does not matter what we do at any given time, we need to be caught 'doing something right'!

May your last quarter of 2014 build up to something big! May the feeling be of building and growing and not of winding down or slowing down! May you receive something at some function soon!

At Ons Dorpshuis we are planning a stunning new dining room to enable our guests to have a buffet dinner at night. Starting a building project this late in the year will give us the feeling of a build-up towards year end and we plan to have the first phase finished before Christmas! 





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for now, tonight
(and maybe a few more)
this is your place 

there is history here
a story to tell...

when you kicked off your shoes
you became part of it as well


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Magaliesberg Biosphere Sunrise to Sunset 100km Woman's Walk

Congratulations to all of the ladies that took part in the 2018 Magaliesberg Biosphere Sunrise to Sunset 100km Woman's Walk.  We hope to see you again next year!!

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Guest Houses

If you want the personal touch but a unique and artistic setting, this is for you. None of our 20 four star graded rooms are the same. We offer different configurations of beds & room layout as well as 3 different levels of price to suit any budget.


Self Catering Apartments

If budget accommodation is what you are looking for, this is it. The self catering units are fully furnished 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms units with a total of 24 rooms. These are perfect for sports teams, groups, contract workers, single working people or families.

We are small enough to care, but big enough to give you choice, whether you are only 1 person or a big group we will try and make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.