Newsletter #09/06/2014


At last, the circle of the seasons has been completed and reached the refrigerator end again...and winter is here! The winter sheets are out and on most of the beds and the ironing load in our laundry has been cut in half! We are still waiting for the political situation to reach some kind of an end and do not know what to say or think any more. We are blessed to be busy and buzzing and building and still expanding. We are inviting each and everyone to visit Onica in her newly opened Beauty Salon. Prepared to be Pampered! What is better than a wonderful back massage or foot treatment after a long day at work. Treat yourself if there is nobody else around you can treat or who can spoil you! You are worth it! Enjoy winter in the Rustenburg heat, this is a treat!



Undercover Newsletter #26/05/2014

There is something to say for TRADITION, FAMILIARITY, ROUTINE, SAMENESS, MEMORY, HISTORY...We had the privilege of seeing a group of 'unrelated' friends again.

A type of reunion, built around a mutual friend's birthday. Special people whom we have met over a period of a lifetime of 25 years and more.

We have changed. We look different. We have grown in many ways, figuratively and literalally! But more importantly - We have stayed the same.

The children are adults now. There are two new generations in the room with us, that we have created! We have memories and a deep and precious friendship and love for each other that we don't have to justify nor discuss, that is not changing and will not change with the times. How good is that?

May you as our guests over many years, with the short bursts of time you spend here and the intermittent connection you make with this place in your world, experience the same familiarity and loving acceptance on every return visit.



Undercover 3-4-2014




A warm and friendly welcome to each and every new guest as well as our beloved return guests! This week we are facing the change of the seasons, and a huge change in our office. We had to say good bye to Melanie who is moving back to the fairest Cape with her family.

Many of us couldn't hold back the tears as the sudden realisation of loss hit us like a kick in the stomach. The fact that we will now never know to what depth our individual friendships could have developed also hit home hard! Some things do need time, but we need to invest it...

 This event prompt me to get in touch with the more philosophical side of me this week.

 The three characteristics of a real lifelong friendship is to have someone who will still like you even if you don't like yourself. Secondly, it is to have a companion to do or experience different things with, during your lifetime. Thirdly it is to have someone that you can and will support and who will support you during good or bad times.


My wish for one and all and especially for you Melanie, is that you will have or find that friend in your lifetime!


When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door we do not see the one that has been opened for us!

 Have a wonderful week.






Undercover, Newsletter #2/5/2014


Ok, now we've all voted! Or hopefully each and everyone felt enough patriotism or loyalty or responsible citizenshipguilt to take the time out to make the effort to stand in line to get your finger marked! Hopefully the whole system around us will revert back to normal. Winter should come now, the striking mineworkers should go back to their posts and the rest of the world should start travelling again.... At least this is our wish for the Hospitality Industry! Welcome back to everyone in our rooms this week. We are so glad to have you here after such a quiet period with all the public holidays. May you find your work rewarding and the travelling interesting. Most of the time it is emotioanally and physically draining to travel and not always the easiest to return home a happy person.

I have found something interesting about the characteristics of truly happy people: They move in circles of happy people of and have relationships with other happy people, They like themselves, think they have skills and are acceptable as friends and have something in the future to look forward to. They can see the fun and enjoyment in the small things in life. They are thankful for normal things and radiate positiveness. Most of all, they manage to find balance and can still find time to play, to pray and to love someone or something. May you find some fun or something to enjoy here, something to be thankful for or something to look forward to come back to. Lots of love. Alna

Newsletter UNDERCOVER #1 4/2014

This month we welcome some old friends back! A year has passed and it is time again for the Beyond 2000 National Competition of the Performing Arts. Many hours of practice, preparation, planning, prayer and play! We are looking forward to great results for all of you, our returning guests as well as all the new competitors! You always bring with you such an element of fun, and we are honestly happy to receive you here into our world.

We hope that you will experience Ons Dorpshuis as 'Your place in the world' for the short duration of time that youa re here and that you will recognise the difference in our look and appearance since your last visit. We have worked non stop to make progress and many days and weeks we had the feeling that the effort and cost is just too big to even make small changes happen.

"Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't all bad - not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life - to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested . ... Imagine life without change. It would be static ... boring ... dull." - Dr. Dennis O'Grady -   

Now after a year, we can ask, did anything worthwhile really change? The answer is YES! We have a new TEAM, a new LOGO, a new SOCIAL NETWORK, a new COLOUR SCHEME, a new GARDEN area, a new GYM, a new ENERGY and we have to have renewed hope for the future!

Here at Ons Dorpshuis we are NOT STATIC, NOT BORING, NOT DULL and we are still growing and still writing our story!!

Welcome back, you are now part of our history. We thank you for


for now, tonight
(and maybe a few more)
this is your place 

there is history here
a story to tell...

when you kicked off your shoes
you became part of it as well


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