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Undercover - Newsletter #March 2019


Welcome back to each and every one!

This month we have our eyes firmly set on, WAIT FOR IT:  “TECHNOLOGY”.

We all know that scary, T-word that’s pushing us into the depths of depression and despair.  A dark cloud normally descends over me and my life and my surroundings, when the BLACK BOX of utter desperation, uselessness and self-confidence killer is opened!

Even the most educated amongst us will be found/rendered helpless when the most basic of technologies malfunctions occur.61327821 stock vector vector creative illustration of technology word lettering typography with line icons and tag cloud o

The natural instinct or reaction is to lock up and go home, postpone the pain or pray for divine intervention.

The anticipation when the shut-down to restart process initiated is overshadowed by the total and utter disappointment when the abovementioned process fails to render positive results.

Why? Who?, Where?, When?,

Youngsters, IT Specialists, Clever Technicians … where will we be without them?

A whole new generation – we welcome you; your natural aptitude is all of our biggest hearts desires. Grab the future with both hands,


Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

Christian Lous Lange

Save the World

And never desert us!!

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Undercover - Newsletter #Feb 2019


Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our first time visitors

I trust that everyone has settled into a brand new routine that incorporates all the recently decided upon, new year’s resolutions!!!!

Did you choose that one resolution for 2019 and are you sticking to it?

I find it so difficult to change my ways…even it is for a great new year’s or an excellent new project.

I suppose the key to be successful would be

1.) The strength of the MOTIVATION or the trigger or driving force behind the new plan.

2.) The details of the PROJECT PLANNING that we can easily do at work, but very seldom apply it closer to home.

3.) The existence of MEASURABLE Targets or goals to push and pull our minds, bodies and consciences into action.

4.) The clarity of the VISIONS of the FUTURE

In the end it is the established fact, the result or outcome that matters…

Not Reasons

No Excuses

Not Stories

Not Motives

May each one experience the satisfaction of a target reached and a goal accomplished!!

May work satisfaction and intrinsic motivation be abundant! May you have a super year to look back on with gratitude and the knowing that you did the BEST you could – even if your BEST might not be the same every day!!!


Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best

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Undercover - Newsletter #Jan 2019


You are always more welcome if you have something to bring to the table”

R Pauch

Good statement and very true, but is it applicable…How?

This New Year could be yours!

Your chance to grow, to evolve, to get closer to that “Purpose” you were born for ….

What are those things you are bringing to the table?

Those things, character traits or skills you possess but never use.

It’s time to take stock, analyze and evaluate, set goals and start taking action.

Use those long forgotten dreams as inspiration and make this year extraordinary!

Make this the year

you bring

something amazing,

something WOW

and unexpected

into your life,

into your workplace


into your relationships.

Make Memories



Be Happy

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Undercover - Newsletter #Sept 2018


Welcome Everyone

It must be the Spring feeling, warmer weather and the very prominent sounds of many birds, early morning that give us a “spring in the step’ nowadays.

Everything is just easier, better and less problematic if it is lighter and warmer!

This month, I had to do some introspection, when I was asked: How do you feel doing this, and being here?” At that specific point, I had to admit; I feel nothing or I feel very neutral. Two days later, I got a ride in a brand new car.

The question put to the driver was “How does this new car feel?” Whilst he elaborated, very enthusiastically about all the features, technology and specifications and other wonderful attributes, I had to admit: I FEEL nothing, I’m neutral. Of course I’m thankful and glad for them, but I don’t get “THAT” feeling! And then it happened!!

We drove through the gate of the Anton Smit sculpture garden…and I got that Feeling! I felt excitement, expectation, creative Kick and I knew - this is it!!


That feeling can drive us on. It pushes me every year to create yet another POP UP ART EXHIBITION, called WILD @ ART. That feeling gives you something to live for, to get up in the morning, to feel alive, to feel purpose, to have a goal!!

My plea to you is – Find that FEELING!

Take time out, search your memory!

Rekindle that flame!

Be inspired, live motivated and after everything is said and done MARVEL in THAT FEELING!!

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Undercover - Newsletter #June 2018


Welcome back to each and everyone

It is that time of the year…

Half Time,

In this month we have the longest night and shortest day therefore we at least get good value for money out of our warm and cozy winter sheeting!

It also brings MID YEAR CRISIS if we are allowed to give it a name. Suddenly the New Year’s resolutions seem old and very rusty. That is, if one can still remember them.

Time to get a head start on the good plans and promises to your self is running out Comrades style.

On the other hand, people are starting to prompt and plan and ask about our December holiday arrangements!

How on earth, it’s too soon!!

I cannot push myself that far into the future, or can I?

So this month get started with the New Year’s resolutions or pat yourself on the back with some or other reward if you did make headway with the resolutions.

Secondly, get started with the planning of the remaining 6 months

Make it Count

Make it Interesting

Make memories

Make the Future

Create Future

Live the Journey

Good planning ensures no regrets and a smooth transfer from one activity to the rest.

With all that said, book here again and make us a part of your future plans.

As you know …we are the best!!

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Undercover - Newsletter #May 2018


Welcome back everyone!!

I truly hope you have had some leave during the past school holidays and Public Holidays and that you have had time to rest and reflect.

This week I had the opportunity to reflect and get major perspective on our early existence with the passing of a close family member…

Why do we enjoy or hate the rat race so much? From any perspective, we do not have a choice in most circumstances to decide not to join in!

We spend our lives working, fretting, stressing and spending time on “worthwhile” issues, goals and tasks.

Looking back in hindsight, most of these things are necessary for survival as well as helping us cope with the demands of work, family and friends…All of the above very dear to our hearts or important to us. We use the business to build 

and collect memories, for ourselves and our loved ones. Have you ever sat back to take stock and decide to deliberately add or cut some goals, tasks or things you do.

Let’s question ourselves and do the uncomfortable introspection…let’s ask for forgiveness for those unfortunate, bad decisions we have made, those unkind words spoken or those positive responses or recognition held back!

There is still time. Regrets are bad to the system, eating away at bodies and in a year, week, hour or a minute, the chance to make a choice to change anything for the better could be gone!

Be kind to yourself and those around you by prioritising and taking action while there still is time.

“Baggage” don’t go to the grave with you, it stays behind for other to live or to deal with.

Enjoy and Cherish life!!


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Undercover - Newsletter #April 2018



Welcome Everyone

This month we take stock; many big projects we have been a part of have come to an end.

The 100km Sunrise to Sunset Magalies Biosphere Woman’s Walk is done and dusted. Everything went well,

notwithstanding the rain and misty circumstances of Day 1.

Many bystanders wondered if the ladies will start walking!! Later during the day, people wondered if the hikers are quitting…all endured,

gritted their teeth, dug deeper and finished a grueling, wet, challenging 28km, the first installment of a 100km journey.

Looking back, reflecting and pondering over the reviews and feedback sheets submitted by participants, it struck me that so many listed that extreme day,

Day 1, as their favorite / highlight of the whole experience.


Is it because of the part it played in the bigger picture…because all knew that if they would quit or bail out of that portion, the ultimate goal would have slipped away!

The 100km medal would become 75km medal…not what they signed up for!

It hammered home the importance of having a goal, A SERIOUS, GREAT, WAY-OUT GOAL!

All parents and participants in the South African Championships of the Performing Arts had the same goal – they are all focussing on the “GOLD”,

almost with the attitude of “at all/at any cost”. They spend time, practise time, money on clothes, traveling, accommodation etc. all for that one GOAL.

Just remember Young or Old – Nothing is impossible.


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Undercover - Newsletter #March 2018


Welcome to each and every one!!


This is our month of plenty – Plenty ACTION!!


The Sunrise to Sunset 100km Magalies Biosphere Woman’s Walk is taking place for the second time and we are in the middle of all the activity.

We are getting to know 30 very active women.

They are leaving deep and memorable footsteps in our hearts.

Marketers, Sponsors, Participants, Committee members, Venues, Service Providers, Stakeholders more than we can count are stepping forward.

Blisters, pains and aches to come – we hope these are in the minority!!

Admin, mails, whatsapps, group chats, calls, literally from Sunrise to Sunset…


So much Effort!! Is it worth it??


Maybe not beforehand and maybe not on Day 1. More on Day 2 and a

1000 times YES if you get to the medal ceremony on Day 4!!

That feeling of achievement, of “I can do this:, “I have done it”, is undescribable!


Why Walk?


BECAUSE WE CAN - Because we are BLESSED enough to have the luxury of TIME. 

Time to practice, Time to take leave and Time to take part.

To have time and opportunity to enjoy these views, the company of Godsent people crossing our paths. 

The enjoyment of nature and nature’s diversity … PRICELESS!!

Watch this Space



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Undercover - Newsletter #February 2018



Normally the newsletter is written by the owner of Ons Dorpshuis Guest House, Alna van der Walt, but this time they asked me to write a letter for

February month as it is the month of love and I am a newlywed!!

First of all, I have big shoes to fill to write anything as good as Alna and secondly, it is hard to write about love.

  Love is an emotion, an utterly deep feeling within each of us that simply can’t be touched or truly described. 


When I think of love, a few of my favorite movies come to mind –

The Lucky One, The Vow, Safe Haven, Dirty Dancing and Valentine’s Day. 

Each with a story I - and maybe you - can relate to, but they are just movies. 


In real life things work a little bit different but I believe we all can have that happy ever after.

Marriage and even any other form of intimate relationship asks for hard work,

communication and commitment as well as application Alna’s famous values: honesty, trust, respect and fairness. 

Live by these values and you’re half way to 50+ years of marriage - respect your partner’s decisions, trust their judgments, communicate honestly and treat them with fairness.


The next thing that comes to my mind when I think about love is the poem of E.E. Cummings:

“I carry your heart with me” which has been my favorite love poem since the poem gained renewed interest in the film, “In Her Shoes”. 

This poem is a really good intimate promise you can make to your loved one this month. 

Arrange something special this Valentine’s Day, but something specific, something they have been begging for, hinting about or just absolutely desires. 

Read this poem and make this promise!  This ensures a happily ever after happy partner.


Lastly, even though we make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, this should not be something that one does only once a calendar year. 

This is an important event that should be done more often during the year. 

Never stop flirting with your man and never stop dating your lady.


  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.



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Undercover - Newsletter #January 2018


Welcome back to each and every one!!

It is such a blessing to have reached this point and to be in a position to write “2018” on forms and papers.

With all the mayhem, chaos, anarchy and general uncertainty it is sometimes difficult to find or focus on the positive each day…

I went back to some of my archives and found a piece of advice from Gary Baily (former player for Manchester United and Kaizer Chiefs).

In his talk “Success under pressure” he gave the abbreviation and very practical insight…


Have Gratitude, because you cannot be unhappy and grateful at the same time.

Reframing:  face challenges, decide, be tough, focus into a general new direction if circumstances present you with pressure to change.

Empathy:  Observe in detail, listen more than before, and expand your understanding before reacting.  Emotional intelligence is more important than a large IQ.

Adapt:  sooner rather than later.  The world, politics, information and technology will not wait for you!

Teamwork is King.  Use people, skills, and assets all more productively.  You are not alone!!

With that said I can personally vouch for a policy of constantly making gratitude and worship more important than the “ISSUE” of the day…

May you rise, shine and be GREAT this year!!



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