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Undercover - Newsletter #18/09/2017

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening to each and every one.

Thinking about this week brought me to a quote of Dr. David Molope,

“What is basic and simple to you…is life to those people”

How very true this is!!

We just had the privilege to spend 2 full days with beautiful girls, all currently in Secondary School.  They all attended our first Life Skills for Young Woman Workshop.

What a life changer and eye opener for ME…

To find myself thinking about how different they are, but on the other hand, how exactly the same!!

They are on a route, a circle that we have completed.  They are vulnerable, somehow excited but

mostly fearful of the future.

They deal with so many unfair and almost adult issues.

We laughed, taught them the theory of many topics and I realised again that things entrenched in me by years, and I mean years of experience and learning the hard way…they are totally clueless about.

Their sponge brains needed this.

Assistance and tips and tools to handle the uncertainties and reality of life!!

Who knows where and how soon they will have to apply any of this …maybe, just maybe these basic and simple things we would teach them will mean life in this dishonest, untrustworthy, disrespectful and unfair life.

Life that happens anyway and you can’t see it coming.

Therefore, my plea to all – Please Do, Please Share, Please Teach –


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In with the new

We have been keeping ourselves busy by updating a couple of rooms.

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