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Undercover - Newsletter #July 2015

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Welcome Everyone

Winter is in the air!!


Winter sheets are on the beds,

hot chocolate on the buffet,

heaters in the units


the middle of the year has come and gone!!


It’s now time for a few New Year’s resolutions to be revisited or made for that matter…

Why not start now?


It’s never too late!


Just imagine how good you will feel when spring arrives and you can say,

“I have achieved this goal or that target!”


Look for change and improvement!

Live on the edge!

Try something new!


Think about your bucket list and make it a goal to tick of one of the to do’s this year.


To make it all legitimate… Find a friend to join you or motivate someone else.  Get an eyewitness to be there when you achieve your goal!




Why not?


Good Luck!!


Kind Regards




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