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Undercover - Newsletter #September 2019

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Home Sweet Home…What is a home?

Many people think a home is where family of the same blood stays together, but my own view to a home is that of a secure place, a cheerful place, where you are loved and respected!

When I started working at Ons Dorpshuis Guesthouse, it was like a worst nightmare to me.

I had no courage and an inexperienced person I never knew that greener are the pastures that were to follow.

As a foreigner, I was thinking that I am the most underrated person at work, but I also know a quote that says,

“It’s a chameleon that changes colour to match the earth, the earth never changes colour to match the Chameleon.”

In time I grew into my purpose and gained confidence, because opportunities were up for grabs and open for all.

Ons Dorpshuis is a place where there is no racism and nationalism.

Everyone here is just the same no matter what the differences.

We work together to make Ons Dorpshuis Guesthouse your other home. The services and all staff members are there to serve you, our honoured guests.

I hope you become a part our

Ons Dorpshuis Family!

Happy heritage month to everyone

Love Tendai


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