Welcome back to all our return guests and a warm first welcome to first time visitors!

"The mind, once expanded, can never shrink back to its original size…"

 A very true, saying, and very applicable to the travelling and tourist population. As a family, we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to a small part of the USA, including New York, during the month of July. As you who are on the road a lot know all too well, TRAVELLING is TIRING! 

But on the other hand, what an amazing and mind-boggling experience. All four of us came back, counting our blessings and with a cemented knowledge that the RSA (and not the USA), is where we want to stay. 

They do have many things we might want:- 

Many Starbucks outlets, 

better public transport, 

very effective subway lines, 

lots of water in wide rivers, 

humungus cars and trucks, 

no potholes, 

unlocked, safe houses, 

no fences... 

But we have: 

More informal opportunities for entrepreneurs, our roots,

parking, no hurricanes, less extreme weather conditions, 

more space in our cities, yards to keep pets, schools and colleges with outside spaces, more affordable food and  did I mention parking?


I hope that, as you travel between cities, even only in our own beautiful country, you can return home to find and count your blessings. Just look around, they will be there!