Welcome everyone, especially welcome back to all our return guests! We have officially survived another holiday season and are looking forward to a busy 2015.

At Ons Dorpshuis 9 we can show off two new rooms with the funkiest 'new look' decor as well as our brand new spacious dining room.

 We also acquired many new pieces of incredible metal sculptures and paintings from our in house, local artist Hannatjie Visser, to enhance our outside spaces.

The metal ‘car guards’ will   still be moving around as we are planning to use them in the gardens outside as landscape art in the near future.  As mentioned before in one of our previous newsletters, there is always something exciting in 'NEWNESS'!


We have discovered and explored Geocaching during 2014, have since discovered 54 caches and placed our very own box. On the exciting NEW list for us for 2015 are the following:

1: Our Housekeeping Supervisor Melissa has set a wedding date! (At last)

2: Our daughter Hanneke got engaged and has also set a wedding date!

3: We have discovered how expensive weddings are and have realized that we are probably in the wrong line of business. Maybe we should build a function venue…watch this space

4: Our son Konrad has passed his first year at University with flying colors and we have come to the conclusion that the empty nest is for real and for sure there to stay, he is not coming back home!

5. If Konrad is not coming back home, it is time for a new hobby!

Any suggestions?

6. New for me…I am going to find the time to take some time off, to meditate and rekindle those old thoughts and dreams. I will find that something new to start again and have fun with it.





PS: Find out more about GEOCAHING www.geocashing.com