Newsletter # 1/4/2014


This month we welcome some old friends back! A year has passed and it is time again for the Beyond 2000 National Competition of the Performing Arts. Many hours of practice, preparation, planning, prayer and play! We are looking forward to great results for all of you, our returning guests as well as all the new competitors! You always bring with you such an element of fun, and we are honestly happy to receive you here into our world.

We hope that you will experience Ons Dorpshuis as 'Your place in the world' for the short duration of time that youa re here and that you will recognise the difference in our look and appearance since your last visit. We have worked non stop to make progress and many days and weeks we had the feeling that the effort and cost is just too big to even make small changes happen.

"Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't all bad - not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life - to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested . ... Imagine life without change. It would be static ... boring ... dull." - Dr. Dennis O'Grady -   

Now after a year, we can ask, did anything worthwhile really change? The answer is YES! We have a new TEAM, a new LOGO, a new SOCIAL NETWORK, a new COLOUR SCHEME, a new GARDEN area, a new GYM, a new ENERGY and we have to have renewed hope for the future!

Here at Ons Dorpshuis we are NOT STATIC, NOT BORING, NOT DULL and we are still growing and still writing our story!!

Welcome back, you are now part of our history. We thank you for that

Newsletter #2/3/2014

Finally, a more calm and peaceful week after the hectic start to the year!

Such a strange and uneasy time. the weather is not what were used to, the bookings and schedule is not what were used to.

The big question is: May we be thankful for a quiet period or should we feel scared or afraid of the unknown in the market forces? It is a difficult time to be in the North West. After the Marikana year, with each and every potential tourist in the universe thinking they will be executed if they would be brave enough to be travelling the N4....and now we are staring an economic collapse squarely in the face!

We were praying for rain for so long, how do we get ourselves to start to pray for it to stop? Nobody knows what to say if we see each other in the streets, we meet and greet and go our ways and keep doing our things. Lets hope for bright sunshine next week, no strikes, full rooms and beds, lots to talk about!

I came about a quote of a scientist Neils Bohr 1885-1962 : 'The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth'.

This made me think. I am not always right, there are many ways to kill a cat, I should perhaps listen more, I should step back some time and look at the bigger picture! So, if it is a quiet week…. You’ll find me looking and thinking, finding truth and stepping back, not worrying or stressing!


Have a great week! Alna

Toets Blog Entry

Conrad het 8 onderskeidings gekry vir matriek 2013 en is steeds nie nugter nie. Spietkop het ook gedink dis oulik en het my laat gaan.


2014, A new start after 14 years!


This is our first, our very first newsletter! We were thinking to call it ‘UNDERCOVER’

2014 came for us, with a myriad of unfinished projects and the feeling of an unfinished an unsatisfactory ending for 2013 – no sense of closing off and end of year business!

All the loose end of the signage project, purchasing of Ons Dorpshuis 9, changing the gardens outside Ons Dorpshuise 5,6,7 and 9 as well as the inside parking areas and outside walls and renovations of the physical properties of Ons Dorpshuise 6 as well as the handing over of the Experilab shop are slowly coming together

We are now in our 14 th year of business and maybe we should see 2014 symbolically as the completion of our full circle and the start of a new life cycle. This month you will notice our long awaiting new sign boards going up everywhere, The new website is up and running and our new look facebook page has seen the light!

We will appreciate your honest feedback so much. It has been a very steep learning curve and a very long and hard road, seeing that we don’t have the luxury of the ‘corporate’ size giving us the opportunity to just pick up the phone to call ‘IT’ or ‘Marketing’ departments to make things happen or to get things done!

After year of very high staff turnover, we now have a great new team together:

Still hanging in as Owners and Managing the ‘Village’ : Kobus and Alna vd Walt

Front desk, Reservations  and Reception: Amanda Voges, Munya Masango

Finance and HR: Melanie Visagie

Housekeeping: Melissa Mocke

Chef and Catering: Madelein Schoeman

Duty Managers:Rainer /Tafadswa

A great team taking us forward into the new year! We even had a few guests joining in when we had our Valentines day photo shoot!

Hope to see you soon!

Authentic artist - Hannatjie Visser

The smallest detail she remembers; when, where, why and how exactly every piece of art was created. Every masterpiece tells its own story. If all of them were built as a large, holistic puzzle it would represent the blessed life of Hannatjie Visser.

She was born on the 3rd of September, 1941. She and her husband, Louis Visser was blessed with four children, two who turned out to be engineers, an architect and a physiotherapist.

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