Undercover Newsletter #01/10/2014



Welcome everyone, especially welcome back to all our Huisgenoot Skouspel return guests!

We have officially survived another year and are looking forward to a busy October.

At Ons Dorpshuis 6 we can show off five newly renovated rooms with the funkiest

'new look' decor imaginable. We will be posting many pictures as the week progresses.

There is always something exciting in 'newness'!


We have discovered a wonderful new hobby.

Team Ons Dorpshuis is now GEOCACHING for fun. Finding hidden treasures internationally for no good reason whatsoever!

The only reward is the excitement of a successful find! The people we are talking to and whom we are trying to motivate to participate react in one of two ways…

One: Utter astonishment and disbelief that anyone can waste time on anything so irrelevant and childish!

Two: Amazement and excitement with a need to find out more and to start out searching immediately themselves.

The conclusion, we differ, in the ways we have fun, but we do need to have fun. Whatever your preference, find that something that ignites the passion in you.

If you have difficulty remembering it, take some time off, meditate and rekindle those old thoughts and dreams. 

Find that something new to start again, to have fun with.

As Ellen DeGeneres once said,

"Procrastination is good, start now, and use it to your advantage to slow down your life!"





PS: Find out more about GEOCACHING


Undercover Newsletter #22/09/2014

Summer is here!!

Welcome back everyone!

We are planning many functions during this month and we are receiving many guests into our facilities, who are visiting Rustenburg to attend ceremonies and functions.

It begs the question… 

Why are we putting in so much time and effort to arrange and attend these functions? 

Is it our underlying need for recognition? Is it our need to break away from the ordinary and celebrate something, even if it is for the sake of our colleagues and or friends?

In the end we all need some kind of identity, and for many our work will always be part of that identity. It does not matter what we do at any given time, we need to be caught 'doing something right'!

May your last quarter of 2014 build up to something big! May the feeling be of building and growing and not of winding down or slowing down! May you receive something at some function soon!

At Ons Dorpshuis we are planning a stunning new dining room to enable our guests to have a buffet dinner at night. Starting a building project this late in the year will give us the feeling of a build-up towards year end and we plan to have the first phase finished before Christmas! 




UnderCover Newsletter #05/08/2014


Welcome back to all our return guests and a warm first welcome to first time visitors!

"The mind, once expanded, can never shrink back to its original size…"

 A very true, saying, and very applicable to the travelling and tourist population. As a family, we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to a small part of the USA, including New York, during the month of July. As you who are on the road a lot know all too well, TRAVELLING is TIRING! 

But on the other hand, what an amazing and mind-boggling experience. All four of us came back, counting our blessings and with a cemented knowledge that the RSA (and not the USA), is where we want to stay. 

They do have many things we might want:- 

Many Starbucks outlets, 

better public transport, 

very effective subway lines, 

lots of water in wide rivers, 

humungus cars and trucks, 

no potholes, 

unlocked, safe houses, 

no fences... 

But we have: 

More informal opportunities for entrepreneurs, our roots,

parking, no hurricanes, less extreme weather conditions, 

more space in our cities, yards to keep pets, schools and colleges with outside spaces, more affordable food and  did I mention parking?


I hope that, as you travel between cities, even only in our own beautiful country, you can return home to find and count your blessings. Just look around, they will be there!


Undercover - #Newsletter 01/09/2014


I think each and every one will agree with me…

There is nothing that can compare to the chirping sound of birds before sunrise this time of the year.

It’s such a happy sound! 

New season,            

              New growth,        

                     New thinking,

                                          New life.

The Sound of promise and joy,

New beginnings and closure. 

At Ons Dorpshuis we are also looking forward to new developments.  We are revamping and redecorating and are looking forward to showing you some fresh and modern rooms by the end of September.In the pipeline we have a stack of plans for Ons Dorpshuis 9, that include a new lounge and dining area, an improved kitchen, additional rooms as well as staff quarters.


We thank you all for the patience during the upgrades of our parking areas and trust that you enjoy the benefit of the new space.

We also found beautiful Rama, Koffiehuis and Pepsi signboards to brighten up the parking space.


! Happy Spring Day !

May the season bring you lots of joy



Undercover #23/06/2014

Welcome to Everyone!!

We are in the middle of the winter and the middle of the year.  We have already had the longest night, the winter sheet on the beds and we are forging ahead with day to day tasks.  A continuous circle of the seasons! After 14 years, the circle of life, for Ons Dorpshuis has been confronted face on, with the reality of the circle of life this month, with more than one person in my life, who is facing terminal illness.

We are all going to struggle through the valley of death to a place where there is rest and peace and happiness…

We are all too busy to think about it and to consider the option – and one morning one wakes up and none of those activities makes sense anymore.

We need to realize that every day we have is precious and a gift.  We are allowed to choose how to use it.  It is up to us to decide whether we are going to have doing what we are doing or spoil it with the wrong activities or the wrong choices.

For as long as we have control over some circumstances or situations, let’s choose the positive options.

!! Life today is all we have  !!

Love Alna



for now, tonight
(and maybe a few more)
this is your place 

there is history here
a story to tell...

when you kicked off your shoes
you became part of it as well


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You are Important!

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