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Undercover - #Newsletter February

Welcome to a New Year,

a New Season,

maybe even a New You??


Do you have many New Year’s Resolutions??


This year is the year to pick one and stick to it! 

Choose the memory, the feel good thought!!


That one bucket list thing and JUST DO IT!!

No one else can do it for you.

See it as a project. 

Break it down.


You know you are good with project management – people have told you this before.

Now start with step one, make the booking or buy the training shoes

or phone the friend to have coffee with and start with the plan.


Enjoying the ride that's the whole idea.


The main thing is to look back with the sense of achievement over many small victories

rather than looking back with resentment at failing to ever start!!


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Undercover - Newsletter #01/08/2015



Welcome to each and every one crossing our doorstep this week.


May you see or feel or experience something new

or interesting to talk 



We are on this earth to enjoy … art is not optional.

Earth without art is just eh!

Not all of us can paint or be creative in that way, but we can

create our own unique memories and experiences.


Here are some ideas for you!

  !!  Have fun !!


Let us have some pictures

 of you having fun!


Kind Regards



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Undercover - Newsletter #July 2015


Welcome Everyone

Winter is in the air!!


Winter sheets are on the beds,

hot chocolate on the buffet,

heaters in the units


the middle of the year has come and gone!!


It’s now time for a few New Year’s resolutions to be revisited or made for that matter…

Why not start now?


It’s never too late!


Just imagine how good you will feel when spring arrives and you can say,

“I have achieved this goal or that target!”


Look for change and improvement!

Live on the edge!

Try something new!


Think about your bucket list and make it a goal to tick of one of the to do’s this year.


To make it all legitimate… Find a friend to join you or motivate someone else.  Get an eyewitness to be there when you achieve your goal!




Why not?


Good Luck!!


Kind Regards




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Undercover - Newsletter #09/06/2015



Welcome to our new guests and welcome to all our beloved return guests.


This month I’m thinking about anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, things that creep up on us and they can either be happy or sad or somewhere in between.


Ten years ago, would you have imagined yourself where you are right now?


Has it been a period of growth and change, wonderful times of inspiration and awesome memories?


If yes, do you count your blessings daily?

If no, what is keeping you from leaving the past behind you and living a future of growth and change and fulfilled wishes?


What do you need, or do you have it already?



Where do we get the wisdom, courage and power to conquer the world? 

Make the lists, take the actions.


Start Today!!


“Every day you make progress, every step may be fruitful yet there will stretch out before you an ever lengthening, ever ascending, ever improving path.  You still never get to the end of the journey but this, far from discouraging only adds to the joy and glory of the climbing”

-  Sir Winston Churchill


May every step you take this year lead you closer to your dream!!


Have a wonderful week



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Undercover - Newsletter #14/05/2015



Welcome back to returning guests and Welcome home to all our new guests.


We are so privileged and grateful to have you here at this place in the world this week.  May each and everyone feel special and have a comfortable homely stay!!


My thoughts, for this week originates from my migraine! 



When I open my mails, it jumps out to me, all the temptations, demands to make choices, voices screaming to my conscience…”You’ve got 25+ new Pins waiting in your home feed!! Tips to get even more Pins delivered follow any people, boards and interests that look interesting.”

Now, should I even open one?

Should I not?

If I start will I be able to stop?

 How long may I allow myself to indulge?

May I even look at the Groupon deals, Daddy Deals, Home Exchange Pages?

Should I keep flagging them for later or delete the 1646 already flagged items in the box?

What if there are some life altering mails or messages or pins that I am missing because I’m pressing delete?

I know I keep clutter.

I know I should prioritize, organize and focus.  I am normally very good with time management, planning and helping others with these issues – Why is this so difficult?




I need someone to arrive and distract me!

Help and tell me I am not alone!


Visit me, socialize and let me get out of this technology trap

 Anybody out there feeling the same?


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Undercover - Newsletter #20/04/2015


Welcome, Welcome


to each and every one crossing our doorstep this week!




We had a super busy Easter period and are jealous to

hear about all the interesting holiday encounters.



Amidst the hustle and bustle of many different groups of people last week,

we had such interesting discussions and philosophical talk’s, I cannot help to bring it up here.




Mottos, Mantras, life purposes and or sayings…so many people, so many different,

wonderful ways or words of wisdom to learn from, follow or take to heart…



Kind Regards






Here's a few for you:


“You are given this life, because you are strong enough to live it!!” – Mads




“As a leader, if you are not looking for change and improvement, what are you doing?” – Alna




“Don’t put a crown on another one’s head!” – Arne




“It is impossible until it is done!” – Nelson Mandela




“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living!” - Amanda


We would love to hear from you.  

You can send your motto to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Undercover - Newsletter #01/04/2015



Welcome back everyone, also a warm welcome to all the Performing Arts Guests.


Why is it that TIME really has a life of its own?

Not only a life, but a will of its own, a priority setting capability of its own and decision making power ability of its own! WHY?


I never have New Year’s resolutions but I have lists, lots of lists. To do lists, weekly priority lists, delegation lists to hand over, job card lists for myself and others and a few more.  These are to help me to get things done, many things, and the well-known URGENT as well as the IMPORTANT things…..

I’ve woken up to April 2015.  I have been blessed to be healthy and motivated and would hope that it is true for all of you as well.

 The problem with this, however is that I have realized that we are in the 4th month, a quarter of the year gone, with very few of my lists discarded of, completed or handled to my satisfaction.

The culprit you ask?  TIME, the Speed of TIME!  TIME has a personality and will of its own.  END OF STORY!!

Kind Regards




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UnderCover - Newsletter #16/03/2015



A warm welcome to each and every one!

It’s so good to see more regular clients in our rooms, vehicles in our parking lot and friendly faces in our new dining room.


It means the economy is picking up 

and the new book year budgets are kicking in.


We had the opportunity to visit an old friend of ours’ Guesthouse in Bela Bela last week.


That visit opened our eyes again to the experience of travelling and sleeping in a strange bed.  It made us look at our facilities with a fresh eye.


It gave us the chance to re-visit old memories and it helped us to see that we are not alone on the planet and that our problems are not unique…..


I found so much inspiration and motivation seeing the success of old acquaintances … the following quote on Facebook felt as if it was written for me this week!


“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it in yourself”


May you find these people to surround yourself with.





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Undercover - Newsletter 02/02/2015


Welcome everyone, especially welcome back to all our return guests! We have officially survived another holiday season and are looking forward to a busy 2015.

At Ons Dorpshuis 9 we can show off two new rooms with the funkiest 'new look' decor as well as our brand new spacious dining room.

 We also acquired many new pieces of incredible metal sculptures and paintings from our in house, local artist Hannatjie Visser, to enhance our outside spaces.

The metal ‘car guards’ will   still be moving around as we are planning to use them in the gardens outside as landscape art in the near future.  As mentioned before in one of our previous newsletters, there is always something exciting in 'NEWNESS'!


We have discovered and explored Geocaching during 2014, have since discovered 54 caches and placed our very own box. On the exciting NEW list for us for 2015 are the following:

1: Our Housekeeping Supervisor Melissa has set a wedding date! (At last)

2: Our daughter Hanneke got engaged and has also set a wedding date!

3: We have discovered how expensive weddings are and have realized that we are probably in the wrong line of business. Maybe we should build a function venue…watch this space

4: Our son Konrad has passed his first year at University with flying colors and we have come to the conclusion that the empty nest is for real and for sure there to stay, he is not coming back home!

5. If Konrad is not coming back home, it is time for a new hobby!

Any suggestions?

6. New for me…I am going to find the time to take some time off, to meditate and rekindle those old thoughts and dreams. I will find that something new to start again and have fun with it.





PS: Find out more about GEOCAHING www.geocashing.com


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Undercover - Newsletter #06/01/2015

Welcome back everyone; here is some food for thought:


I hope that in this year to come -

you make mistakes!


Because if you are making mistakes,

then you are making new things,


Trying new things, Learning,


Pushing yourself,

Changing yourself,

Changing your world.


You’re doing things, you have never done before and more importantly you are doing something.


---- Neil Gaiman

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You are Important!

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